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What is RDCQ?

The Rideshare Drivers in Cooperation Queensland has the vision to unite taxi and rideshare drivers who want to build a democratically and driver owned rideshare platform cooperative. There are many organisations representing different stakeholders in the private transport sector but none that are working towards creating a real alternative to the exploitation of drivers by taxi companies and rideshare multinationals. In essence, we want to set up a driver-owned co-operative rideshare platform that delivers high-quality service to customers while also ensuring our member drivers get fair pay for fair work. We also intend to set up a companion application that supports drivers with information to connect, earn more and support one another.

The Rideshare Drivers in Cooperation Queensland is an interim organisation that has been set up to build a community of drivers, campaign for immediate change to policies affecting drivers and develop the business for the rideshare platform co-operative and the application that it will need.

Rideshare Drivers in Cooperation Qld (RDCQ) is currently auspiced by the Community Initiatives Resources Association. This means that we are able to use their ABN, Public Liability Insurance and Bank accounts so we can operate as a financially paid member organisation. CIRA takes 10% from each membership fee and provides us with financial and administrative support.

What is a co-operative?

A co-operative is a democratic organisation, owned and controlled by its members for a common benefit. Co-operatives are traditionally based on values of self-help, self-responsibility, equality and solidarity.

Members of a co-operative can benefit from economies of scale through the combined purchasing, distribution or marketing power or influence of the group. They share in the group’s investment and operational risks and losses, as well as its benefits.

Unlike private companies, co-operatives do not have a limit on membership numbers. Their ‘one member, one vote’ system also differs from public companies, where voting rights are linked to share ownership.

In a co-operative:

  • all members have equal status and voting rights
  • all active members can nominate themselves as directors and elect directors
  • capital is used for the group’s common interest.

What are the requirements to join the Rideshare Drivers in Cooperation Queensland?

Any driver or supporter is welcome to join RDCQ. We are currently campaigning to improve driver conditions and working to set up a platform co-operative in the future.

What is a rideshare co-operative?

A rideshare cooperative will utilise the same technology as Uber and act as a booking service for customers who subscribe to the service. The difference is that instead of 20-25% of profits from each fare going back to Uber who then take 10-20% of those profits back to Silicon Valley, every cent will be going back to the drivers as equal owners of the cooperative. The platform and administration of the cooperative will be collectively funded and governed by the drivers though democratic decision making and elections.

Who is organising the Rideshare Drivers in Cooperation Queensland?

This project has been initiated by a small group of rideshare drivers and supporters who are passionate about workers rights, economic justice and democracy who have recognised an opportunity to transform the private transport industry for the better. If you sign up for updates or attend an event you will hear from us soon.

What are the requirements to join the Rideshare Drivers in Cooperation Queensland?

Cooperatives provide equitable distribution of profits and democratic decision making to its worker members.

Read the account from a driver from Peoples Ride, a Drivers Cooperative in the USA:

“Instead of feeling like robots who drive, we interact with the customers on a level that builds an organization and future. We build social capital, advertise, market, flyer and decide where the money will be invested… The million-and-some interactions that you would otherwise ignore because you are rushing to the next ride in order to make a dollar, are present. Working for a typical rideshare you feel as if you are always squeezing out a product and getting screwed in the end…it never fulfils. A worker coop returns the social aspect. This comes from the feature that we’re all equally involved”.

What is the RDCQ going to do?

The RDCQ will bring together interested drivers to attend meetings and events to discuss and drive the establishment of a driver cooperative. We will need the participation of dedicated drivers willing to join, promote and recruit more drivers to the cooperative in order to make it a success. Once we are ready to launch we will change our name to something more catchy as well.

Why is the RDCQ being set up?

The RDCQ has been set up because drivers of both taxis and rideshare platforms are some of the lowest paid workers in our economy. In response to this, numerous drivers cooperatives have been set up around the world in recent years. Peoples Ride in Michigan and the Green Taxi Coop in Denver Colorado are just two examples. The RSC aims to empower drivers to take action by organising in a way that does not compromise with the interests of the big corporations or the government to ensure that we can demand a future that puts the workers, the community and the environment first.